Do It Now! The Action Plan to End Procrastination

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Do It Now! End Procrastination with Hypnosis CD

Introduction - Learn how the subconscious mind is motivated,and understand why it is so easy to make these changes without having to create a system.

Deep Trance Training- These sessions use a technology called binaural beats that are woven into the music. Binaural beats help your mind relax and achieve a state of trance, ready to make changes in your subconscious mind.
Why are you putting it off?- Find out how to resolve the conflict and make an agreement with your subconscious that will make you LOVE to get this done now .

Do It Now -By the process of assimilation, you will integrate the skills of a DO IT NOW person into your own belief system. 
Put Stuff Away- When you look at something that needs to be put away you will feel an instant feeling of joy as you put it away, organize it, or toss it!

Throw it Away -The accumulation of stuff makes our lives heavy and burdensome. This will help you feel the spiritual lift that you get from cleaning out your house and your soul. 
Big Task Management- Once your subconscious mind puts the project into chunks, and feels the reward and accomplishment of each chunk, you will feel an effortless and positive force moving you forward.

Morning Meditation- Wake up to this soothing session that helps you gently put priorities in order, manifest your desires, and put you in a very productive state of mind.
Future Self- Meet your very organized, efficient and energetic future self.

Self Hypnosis- A session that puts you in a self hypnosis state, and allows you to make your post-hypnotic suggestions to yourself.

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